As we approach Samhain (summer’s end), we are still being blessed by the earth in all her glory. The sun is still bright and giving us warm days although the nights are getting earlier and colder. My garden is still looking stunning with her Michaelmass Daisy’s and Rose hips amongst the mint and foliage. Today with the help of some good friends we tidied the greenhouse and collected rose hips, did a bit of a stocktake of what needs doing before winter sets in and sat in the sun with cups of tea, happy days!

So whilst we still get these glorious days, I’m going to do as much clearing and preparation as I can in the garden and when the sun goes down I’ll be crocheting and crafting indoors. I will of course also be celebrating the turning of the wheel of the year and maybe working a little magick……… I hope you will stop by now and again to say hello.

Be bright, be wild and be blessed xxxx

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